Tooth extraction is a serious procedure that may become necessary if your teeth are severely damaged, infected, or otherwise too far gone to save. At Splendid Dental Woodlands, our dentists will do everything they can to save your teeth. We will take every step available to us to avoid teeth extractions to preserve and repair your smile.

When tooth removal becomes necessary, we will make sure the process is comfortable and pain-free. Our sedation dentists can help you get through any dental procedure without having to worry about pain. Our dental experts put this helpful dental information together to help you understand what to expect from this procedure.

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is when a dentist or orthodontic surgeon will remove one or more severely damaged teeth.

Tooth ExtractionThis process is usually used as a last resort. It’s often the best course of action to preserve your teeth rather than remove them. We can create crowns, filings, and use the latest in dental medicine to help restore even the most troubled teeth. However, when there is nothing that can be done, we can remove problematic teeth.

This process starts by unseating the damaged tooth from the gums by gently rocking it back and forth. This is the same process as losing baby teeth, just with a little dental effort put in. Once the tooth is removed, you will be instructed on aftercare and how best to treat your recovering mouth.

There are a few key signs that you need to have a tooth removed.

Signs You Need Tooth Removal

While most teeth can be saved or repaired, a few conditions create damage that is too severe to fix. Here are just a few of the times removing a tooth will be necessary.

  • Severe infections
  • Teeth or bone damaged after an injury
  • Infected gums or jaw bone
  • Impacted teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Other conditions

If you are concerned that a tooth might be beyond saving, our dental experts can help you restore your smile.

Two Kinds of Removal

There are two types of tooth extraction: surgical and simple. The type we use will be shaped by what your condition requires. Our team will ensure that you have a comfortable and pain-free experience no matter which type of removal is required.

Basic teeth extractions are known as simple removals. This is typically the case for most patients. In this process, the tooth is gently rocked loose from the gums and then extracted. This procedure is quick and very comfortable with the aid of our sedation dentist.

The most complex procedure is known as surgical removal. This is used when the simple approach will not work. This is often the case for impacted teeth that are still deep in the gums or still inside the jaw’s bone. While this procedure is more involved, modern dentistry has made it comfortable as can be.

Do Teeth Extractions Hurt?

A common question we get all the time is: “Do teeth extractions hurt?” Tooth extraction is a quick and relatively painless procedure. There might be some discomfort as your gums recover from the removal, but this procedure is fast and painless, thanks to our caring dentists.

With the application of local pain relief, we can remove your damaged tooth without you feeling any pain. Before and during the procedure, make sure to communicate with your dentist to ensure that you are getting the pain relief you need.

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