teeth cleaning woodlands tx, woman being worked on by dentistTooth discoloration, staining, and yellowing are not only common cosmetic issues but typically are a sign of an underlying dental problem. Dental conditions, especially tooth decay, can not only impact your health and wellbeing but can also lead to damage to your teeth. Unsightly teeth can be embarrassing and a sign of poor dental hygiene. Teeth cleaning from Splendid Dental Woodlands can help decrease your risk of experiencing tooth decay, gum disease, and discoloration.

The discoloration is almost always a sign of an untreated dental ailment. While most Americans regularly visit a dentist, a significant portion of people has scheduled their most recent dental appointment because they were experiencing mouth or tooth pain. When you experience symptoms of pain, it is almost always an indication that you have neglected your dental health. Tooth decay is a leading cause of discoloration, which can require teeth whitening services.

Do I Need a Teeth Cleaning?

Your teeth are protected by a layer of enamel to help keep your teeth white. While tooth decay is the most common cause of discoloration, staining, and yellowing, several other things can lead to discoloration, such as:

  • Tobacco use
  • Gum disease
  • Oral cancer
  • Medications
  • Consuming beverages such as coffee, tea, or soda
  • Underlying medical conditions, like diabetes

Teeth cleaning and dental exams protect against discoloration because both help to prevent and treat tooth decay and plaque accumulation. Food particles can cause bacteria to fester in your mouth, which leads to plaque building up on your teeth. Plaque can damage and wear down your enamel, especially if it hardens into tartar.

Certain lifestyle choices, such as smoking or chewing tobacco, can also cause significant discoloration. Teeth cleaning and dental exams are the best way to find out the root cause of your staining, yellowing, and discoloration. While most discoloration is preventable, sometimes medications or medical conditions can lead to discoloration.

Get Teeth Cleaning at Splendid Dental Woodlands

Teeth cleaning can help prevent and treat discoloration. The reason why teeth cleaning from Splendid Dental Woodlands is imperative to your dental health is that professional dental cleanings remove plaque, bacteria, and tartar. All three can damage your enamel and lead to your teeth developing a yellowish tint, which may require professional teeth whitening to fix.

Teeth cleaning can also help identify any underlying dental issues you have, such as gum disease. Gum disease occurs when plaque, tartar, or bacteria get trapped between your teeth and gum line. This can lead to pits developing, which causes your teeth to become loose.

Teeth cleaning from Splendid Dental Woodlands ensures that these harmful particles are completely removed from your teeth, mouth, and gums before they cause damage. Dentists use special tools to scrape plaque from your teeth and clean your gums. If you struggle with tartar accumulation, professional dental care is necessary because you are unable to remove tartar at home.

Another major benefit of teeth cleaning from Splendid Dental Woodlands is that it can help identify tooth decay before it becomes irreversible. Tooth decay causes visible symptoms, meaning that a dentist can see serious forms of tooth decay during a professional cleaning. Teeth cleaning can also check to see if your gums are healthy.

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Annual dental exams are the best way to maintain proper dental health. While brushing and flossing daily is an important way to preserve your oral health, dental visits are essential to any effective dental care routine. Dentists can spot early signs of tooth decay, which can spare you the pain of a cavity or infection.

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