Do you suffer from severe anxiety? Or maybe you have other problems affecting your ability to access dental care, like a strong gag reflex? Why not see a Houston sedation dentist, and find out how they can help you. THere’s no reason to put off your dental needs. At Splendid Dental Woodlands, we can help you through the process.

houston sedation dentist taking care of patientWhat Is Sedation Dentistry?

A sedation dentist will talk you through the options and ease any concerns you may have. We deal with anxious patients all the time — it’s our job! Whether it’s a complicated procedure or a simple dental cleaning, we can recommend the best sedation options for you. We want to help you overcome your fears and get the dental treatment you need. If anxiety is holding you back, give us a call today. Splendid Dental Woodlands is a reputable clinic with skilled professionals and friendly staff. Our goal is to find the right dental sedation for you, so you can have the mouth you’ve always dreamed of. 

Types of Sedation Dentistry

There are a few options a Houston sedation dentist will offer you, such as:

  • “Laughing gas” or nitrous oxide — Given to you by face mask, exactly like oxygen, “laughing gas” wears off quickly. It allows you to relax while you get the dental treatment you need, but you’ll still be fully aware.
  • Oral sedation — Depending on the recommendation of your sedation dentist, you will take a pill the morning of your procedure and sometimes the night before as well. It can also be referred to as conscious sedation by your Houston sedation dentist. You’ll be awake and aware of what’s going on, but you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable, and you will usually have little memory of your visit to the dentist afterward.
  • IV sedation — This would be recommended for severely anxious patients or the most intensive procedures. You’ll be given sedation fluids via IV. There are several kinds of IV sedation, and your sedation dentist will be able to advise you on what’s best for you. During IV sedation, you may need monitors so that the dental team can keep an eye on your pulse and blood pressure, but this is not always required. When it is, it’s merely a precaution to keep you extra safe and is nothing to worry about. If it concerns you, please talk to your dentist about it — they’re there to help you.
  • Any prescribed anxiety medication you already take — If you already take pills for anxiety, please let your dentist know at the first opportunity, as they will need to balance your sedation medication with existing medicines. You can also discuss whether your current meds will help in conjunction with your sedation. 

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

In the first instance, a Splendid Dental Woodlands sedation dentist will want to discuss your medical and dental history. Be sure to inform them of any existing or recent conditions and medications. This is also an excellent opportunity to ask them questions or raise any concerns you may have. 

After your initial consultation, your sedation dentist will discuss the kind of sedation they recommend for you. They will also go over aftercare advice, like making sure you have a day off work to recover after your dental procedure and having someone else drive until the sedation has worn off.

The next step is to arrange your procedure. You’ll be sedated beforehand, so all you need to do is follow your sedation dentist’s advice and let the dental team take care of you. 

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