Taking good care of your health means going to the medical doctor once per year, the eye doctor once per year, and a dentist twice per year for preventative cleanings. When it comes to dental exams, they are essential for your dental health. Based on the information that has been released by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) close to one out of every five children has a cavity that has not been adequately treated. Therefore, it is important for you to understand what happens during a dental checkup.

What Happens During a Routine Dental Exam?

dental-examAt Splendid Dental Woodlands in Spring, Texas, a routine dental exam is one of the most important services that we provide. We provide dental exams to people of all ages. Some of the components that we are going to accomplish when you come to see us for dental exams include:

  • We will review your prior dental history to make sure that nothing major has changed
  • One of our dental hygienists will clean and polish the teeth
  • Next, we will also floss it in between all of your teeth to remove any food and plaque that might still be present
  • In addition, we are also going to provide you with a fluoride treatment that will prevent cavities from developing in the future
  • We will also work hard to make sure that we remove any plaque or tartar from the surfaces of your teeth

Furthermore, there is also a possibility that we will take an X-Ray of your mouth to make sure that your teeth are aligned properly and that you are cavity-free. Once all of this is done, a dentist from our team will come in and take a closer look at your teeth. We will look for any signs of gum disease, cavities, or periodontal disease. If there are any acute issues that need to be addressed, we will let you know. Splendid also has the following specialists on staff:

Will Teeth Alignment Issues Be Addressed?

A lot of people who come to see us for a dental exam are concerned about the prospect of orthodontic care. Even though it is true that braces are more common in children, we have treatment options for people of all ages. If there are any issues with the alignment of your teeth, we will address them with you in advance. This is another important part of a routine dental exam. Dental exams are important because they address all aspects of your oral health. If there are any issues that require the attention of a specialist, we will let you know.

How Can I Take Care of My Teeth Between Cleanings?

Of course, we also want you to make sure that you take care of your teeth in between each dental exam. That is why we recommend that everyone brush their teeth and floss after every meal. If you need help finding the right toothbrush, toothpaste, or dental floss for you, we can provide you with a few examples. Trust our team to work with you to make sure that your teeth are as healthy as possible!

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