Your oral health begins when you are a kid. If any of your kids suffer from cavities or require cavity prevention, the professionals at Splendid Dental are highly experienced at working with sealants for kids. The dental team also offers pediatric dental sedation to help put nervous youngsters at ease.

The Dangers of Cavities and Tooth Decay

young boy at the dentist receiving sealants for kidsIt is highly critical that kids maintain a good oral health routine. When children develop healthy and consistent oral routines, these routines often stay with them for the rest of their lives. Regular teeth cleaning also prevents cavities. Whether children have their baby teeth or their permanent teeth, cavities can have devastating consequences for kids. Cavities and tooth decay are dangerous for children and lead to many oral health issues, including infection and speech impediments. They can also hinder adult teeth growth, cause tooth pain, promote overbites, prevent healthy eating, lower self-esteem and cause diseases. Our dental health processes and procedures can help. We offer services such as:

The ways cavities and tooth decay can damage the health of children are nearly endless. Poor oral health affects more than the health of a child’s teeth. It can greatly impact both the mental and physical state of children, as well. When kids visit a dentist regularly, dentists can place dental sealants on potential trouble areas before they become full-blown cavities. Doing so can help prevent further tooth decay. These dental sealants have the capability of preventing countless issues in the future.

Sealants for Kids

Dentists use sealants for both children and adults to help prevent continued tooth decay that leads to cavities and additional oral health concerns. These sealants can help improve oral health for the rest of children’s lives. How? Baby teeth that develop tooth decay often lead to adult teeth with tooth decay. By using sealants, you can save your child a lifetime of oral health issues and potentially thousands of dollars in costly dental procedures in the future.

Dentists typically do not use kids’ sealants until adult teeth start to come in. The age adult teeth come in varies from child to child. Dentists place dental sealants on the back molars where cavities are most susceptible. Health insurance providers consider sealants as a preventative benefit. As such, most dental insurances cover dental sealants. You can find dental sealants in Woodlands at Splendid Dental.

Sealants and Preventative Oral Health Care for Children

It is important to know that genetics can play a part in the development of oral health issues. However, even if your children have such genetics, all children should follow a top oral health care routine to prevent more problems. Problems can include cavities, bad breath, sensitive teeth, tooth decay, canker sores, diseases, and more. For starters, children should brush their teeth twice a day with a soft bristle brush and floss daily.

Getting children to brush their teeth can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we have some tips to help make it a more enjoyable experience, such as:

  • Kids pick their toothbrush
  • Use a fun app to reach two minutes
  • Kids choose the toothpaste
  • Reward good oral care
  • Do something fun after a dentist visit

And you can always ask your local dentist about dental sealants in Woodlands if your child already has issues with cavities and tooth decay.

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