woman holding snap on denturesReplacement teeth held in place by implants called snap-on dentures, also called overdentures, is a clever idea. Natural-looking artificial teeth hold firmly in your mouth by snapping on to a few of your natural teeth or dental implants. You avoid any worries about dentures that slip and slide around in your mouth. Messy compounds needed to keep regular dentures fixed in place commonly cause a dry mouth.

Lack of saliva and shifting old-fashioned dentures have a negative effect on your speech. You may sound halting and slur your words. Many folks feel their smile appears artificial-looking with regular dentures. If you wear regular dentures, you might worry about opening your mouth in case they slip suddenly. As your jaw adjusts to missing teeth, regular dentures start losing their initially good fit in your mouth. Usually, within a matter of months, your body realizes there are no teeth left in your jawbone. So, it directs bone-enhancing blood to other areas of your body.

Without blood circulating to empty tooth sockets, the supporting bone starts to wither and waste away. Naturally, your jawbone no longer supports empty tooth sockets. This leads to gradual bone loss due to the lack of an active oxygen-rich blood supply. It’s essential to keep blood flowing to those sockets if you want to avoid bone loss.

Implants replace your teeth and trick your body into starting to direct a vital supply of fresh oxygenated blood to your jawbone. Two to four well-placed implants provide a secure base for overdentures. When you’re ready to reclaim your smile, look to the dental center in Woodlands, TX, that residents trust.

How Snap-On Dentures Differ From Regular Dentures

When you lose your teeth, your facial muscles sag. Dentures support sagging facial muscles, allowing you to look better. They provide chewing surfaces to process your food properly. Regular dentures generally accomplish this, at least at first. As your jawbone thins, typical dentures no longer fit securely with your mouth.

Regular dentures cover up to 70% of the upper portion of your mouth. Called the palate, this area contains most of your taste buds. Using dentures that snap on gives you back your ability to taste your food. As most folks age, nutrition becomes more important than ever.

Scientists indicate that your dental health determines the health of your entire body. Calcium, Vitamins D and A are especially important for a healthy mouth. Snapping on dentures to implants or natural teeth gives them strength and stability. In turn, this allows you to resume eating fresh fruit and vegetables you might have previously found too hard to chew.

Overdentures might be one of the best choices you can make to live your life with vitality and health. Reasons to choose them include:

  • Improved sense of taste
  • No need for implants to replace all your teeth
  • Improved confidence and looks
  • Ability to chew lets you eat nutritious foods
  • Smiling again makes you appear happier and friendly
  • No more feeling embarrassed by your missing teeth

Splendid Dental in Woodlands offers cutting edge technology to restore your smile and allow you to chew food securely again.

Make an Informed Choice When Choosing Snap-On Dentures

If illness, disease or other problems contribute to losing your teeth, it’s especially important to find replacements that work for you. If a full set of implants does not work for you, a couple of implants for well-made dentures to snap on to might be your exact fit.

Choose the dental center in Woodlands, TX. We believe dentists thrive when practicing the specialties they enjoy the most. Our practice offers quality overdentures and our specialists prepare your mouth for their best possible fit.

Additionally, we offer multiple services to improve your comfort and enhance your smile. Our specialty services include:

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